Summer school 2021. Sv. Dobrotiva

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Friday 16.7.
Today was the last day. We finished our proyects in the school and in the afternoon each of us presentated to the others. Then some games and  times to prepare our  suitcases, because tomorrow we will return home.
We had a very good time and are looking to the Summer school 2022 !
Thursday 15.7
Today in the afternoon we played the finals of football and „Ringo ball“.
Then we had water games and in the evening our favourite game „sever proti jihů“ When we went to sleep the leaders called us for a very good „bojovka“
Wednesday 14.7.2021
 We had a walk excursion to Valdek, the place at 7 km from sv. Dobrotiva  where lived the foundator of the Monastery and Church of Dobrotiva, Oldřich z Valdeka. In our way bach some of us had time to swing in a natural lake.
Tuesday, 13.7.2021
 I played with my friends.
I liked the drawing workshop.
I played the piano during the music workshop.
Josefina, Róza, Viki


Monday 12.7.2021

Today was a grat day. After our mornings classes we went in the afternoon to the pool in Hořovice. We had a lot of fun and a very nice day. Also we had some ice cream. We are looking for the next day in our summer school.

„Today we had English. We went swimming. It was very fun. Then we came home.“


Sunday 11.7.2021

Our day was great. We played two games. We have a very good lunch. We played football and potato ball because the weather wasn’t good and we couldn’t go on a trip. We found a treasure when we played a game. The treasure was sweets.
Marie Konečná, Anna Sochová

Pátek: 9.7.2021

We played games.

The best was Musical Chairs.

We did picture dictation in English.

We made a small home in the garden and we ate chicken and rice.

We bought bubble gumand cookies.

Anna Z. and Marianna.


Čtvrtek: 8.7.2021

We woke up at 6:45 because there was an alarm.

We played on the ukulele and piano.

We took a test.

After everything we had lunch, it was yummy .

In the morning they took our phones 🙁

We went to the shop and we bought some  candy.

We talked about  some important things

Anna Š and Klára T. 


Středa: 7.7.2021

The first day of our summer school 2021.

We began in the local school of sv. Dobrotiva.

Dinner: pizza

A lot of fun!

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