V Malaze, Španělsko.

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Today we started at 8 o’clock and we did some presentations about EU. Teachers gave us two hours to prepare the presentations and then we read the presentations to other students. After that we had a break. After the break we played some sports like football or basketball. At 3 o’clock we left the school and went to get some lunch. At 6 o’clock we met with other kids and we went together to the shopping centre.

Norbert and František


Thursday In the morning we took the bus to Granada. We arrived safely in Granada and divided into Czechs and Spaniards. After that the gentleman who led the tour took us over and we saw the Alhambra. The Alhambra was very beautiful. There were many beautiful gardens and buildings. My favorite thing was the lion fountain. I also liked that most of the tour was in the shade. After the tour there was a parting where I had lunch. After that we all got on the bus and went back to school. Honza


Hello, today Friday we went on a trip. The meeting at the school was at 8 o’clock and we left at 9.
The journey was a long hour and then we arrived at the place where the beginning was cold and
the wind was blowing, but that settled down after a while.
Next, we split into 5 groups. Each group went to do one activity.
Here we could try paddle boarding, kayaking, wall climbing, archery and tightrope walking.
The activities were very interesting. We enjoyed the water activities and swimming the most, which was at the end. The journey home followed, where everyone was very tired.
Then we separated to our families and met again in a few hours.
There was a party where we had dinner together and danced, played various games and talked.
When the party was over we said goodbye and went to sleep.



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